Are you ready to release overwhelm and create a life you actually love?

Let's shift from those stressful end-of-day reflections wondering where your time went to creating space for Jesus, self-care, fun, and purposeful action in your daily life.

How we fill our days determines the fullness of our lives.


Plan your day. 
Create a life you love.

“The Body Mind Soul Daily Essentials Planning System has absolutely changed the way I visualize my day! Seeing my priorities laid out on one beautiful page is so satisfying and keeps me focused and energized. Candace’s thoughtful design and helpful worksheets incorporate God, gratitude, and fun at the center of my daily accomplishments which has made such a difference in my life.

~maria turner

Is this you?


Your schedule quickly fills up with everyone’s wants and needs but your own.


Healthy habits, the joy of self-care, and FUN activities are a distant memory.


You crave a deeper relationship with God and long for more quiet moments with Him.


You need more grace instead of guilt for not finishing your long lists in your short days!

“The Body Mind Soul Essentials Planning System is more than just a planner. For me, it became a living, breathing document that moves my life forward aligned with God and in the healthiest way possible. Before implementing this planning system, I had journals, notebooks, calendars, and notes apps full of ideas and inspiration. Now I can keep it all in one well-organized place. This planning system is truly transformative in every area—fun, spirituality, health…

~Heidi Campbell

What if…


You could finally take charge of your hourly schedule and make sure your wants and needs are locked in securely.


Energizing habits along with intentional self-care and fun could turn your boring daily grind into a joyful and inspired life.


Quiet time with God — studying His word, prayer, and learning to hear that still small voice — could be a truly life-changing daily occurrence.


Every aspect of your wellness journey could be upgraded through dedicated daily planner sections on each of these essential areas: Body, Mind, and Soul! 

Let me introduce you to the

INstant download!

What's Included?


A Quick Start Guide to stop that unnecessary procrastination and move forward immediately!


A 20-page Planning System Manual laying out the entire program with a helpful checklist to guide you. This instruction manual covers each area of the system, including how to break free from overscheduling, a weekly meal plan printable, setting water intake and move goals, and tips for adding more energizing movement to your day. It also includes journaling prompts to find meaningful focus words and reasons for gratitude to transform your overwhelmed mindset.


The Ultimate Guide to Add Fun to Your Day: This workbook will make sure you add joyful activities to your life every single day. Fun should not be reserved for weekends and vacations!


Self-Care and/or Essential Oils: This 15-page guide leads you through an exercise to create your own list of soothing self-care acts to weave into your daily life. I also share the basics of my favorite form of self-care, essential oils, including how I use them, diffuser and rollerball recipes, and lovely printables to list your own blends to try.


The Joy of Fasting: Find freedom from those idols (sugar, social media…) you keep putting before God. Learn more about the benefits of fasting and return control to Him with this helpful workbook.


90 Bible Verses for Body, Mind, and Soul: This powerful guide instructs you through the Soul section of the planner. It includes 90 Bible verses to help you quickly get started with intentional daily sessions with God.


Undated Monthly and Weekly Calendars so you never need to buy another planner again!


Daily Planning Sheets with dedicated sections for body, mind, and soul to improve all the essential areas of your new healthy lifestyle. Half and full-page sheets are included with your choice of sections for Self-Care or Essential Oils.


NOTE: This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. All files will be delivered in PDF format.

Ready to take back your life?


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In case we haven’t met before, I’m Candace and I teach women how to find joy, peace, and meaning in their busy daily lives.

I’m a recovering to-do list addict, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and certified Essential Oil Coach. But more important than any title or certification, I’m a wife, mom, and gigi who uses this emotionally healing planning system every day. 

Join me as we embrace grace and finally escape overwhelm with focused daily action!


Is this a physical product?

No, these are digital files (in .pdf format) that will be delivered to your inbox. Print the checklist, planning pages, worksheets… at home or at your local printing shop. Simply insert the printouts into a binder or just use a clipboard to keep them organized.

Can I use this system as a digital planner?

Yes! Import the .pdf files of your choice (daily, monthly, weekly…) into your favorite note-taking app. I’m mainly a pen-and-paper woman, but I have the daily sheets loaded in the Goodnotes app to use when I’m traveling.

How long will it take to complete all the exercises so I can get started?

The beauty of this system is you go at your own pace to set it up. There’s a quick start guide to help you begin using the daily planner immediately. Then you will print out the checklist from the system manual and work through the rest however you prefer.

Once all the worksheets are complete, it should only take about 15 minutes to complete your daily plan each morning!

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product and your immediate access to all of it, all sales are final.